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Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5

The latest Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5 is a special radio receiver designed for instant detection of any radio bug.

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Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5

The Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5 is a special radio receiver perfect for countermeasures in detecting any radio bug.

A special ultra-fast scanning system detects low power listening transmitters even in conditions where much stronger TV, FM, mobile phone or radio signals disable other conventional detection systems.

The DEMRA-5 has higher sensitivity on the highest frequencies, extended frequency range, improved pulse and digital signal detection, possibility of the alarm sensitivity adjustment from the setting menu, correction of DECT systems and particularly much higher false alarm resistance.

Businessmen, bankers, stockbrokers and anybody who could suffer from a leak of information should be aware that the radio bug is the most common form of eavesdropping. This is because it’s cheap, it’s simple and, from the legal point of view, its use is hard to prove.

The unique radio part of this Fast Radio Scanner provides very fast, accurate and effective scanning of the spectrum range 34-3600 MHz, both automatically and manually. The sweep frequency is at least 100 times greater than that which any conventional scanner can achieve.

All parameters are optimised for continuous use and easy operation by the non-specialist. In comparison with other systems on the market no special training is required - if you can set your video recorder you can use this unit! The basis of the system is the spectrum memory. Ultra-fast scanning takes place every ten seconds and the received signals are compared with the initially stored "clean" background spectrum. The presence of a new signal activates a three level alarm output and the new signal is stored in an independent alarm memory. An intelligent system monitors the pre-alarm, alarm, and post-alarm phases and this eliminates false-alarms caused by different legal signals such as TV or FM or digital broadcast, WiFi, mobile radios, cordless phones, GSM phones, air radios etc.

The unit is user-friendly, with a simple two-line LCD display providing information about all system functions, and, a built-in loudspeaker allowing an immediate check of all radio signals. The system is protected against unauthorised interference by a unique identification code which is automatically generated during the previous memory-in cycle.

Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5 Features

  • High sensitivity of selective superheterodyne receiver (in micro-volts)
  • The selective processing of the entire radio spectrum allows automatic separation of legal signals and weak bug transmitters
  • Three level intelligent processing of new signals only (pre-alarm, alarm, post-alarm) eliminates virtually all the alarms caused by legal transmissions
  • The DEMRA-5 is sensitive and selective enough to protect the VIP office
  • Its small size and attractive design, with clear controls supported by a well-arranged 2x16 character LCD display, allow permanent installation in any room.

Fast Radio Scanner - Memory Radio Analyzer DEMRA-5 Specifications

  • Frequency range: 34-3600 MHz
  • Sensitivity for S/N = 10 dB: 34-2200 MHz 20-50μ 2200-3600MHz, 50-1000μ
  • Demodulation: WBFM, NBFM, AM
  • IF bandwidth: 500kHz
  • LCD display: 2x16 character alphanumeric
  • S-meter dynamic range: 73dB
  • Signal strength measurement: 40 level LCD linebars
  • Distance measurement for 1mW source: 1-50 meters
  • Memory backup: internal battery
  • Background spectrum memory: 512 multifrequency channels
  • New (alarm) signal memory: 100 re-writable channels, signal level and time information
  • Pre-alarm: after each scan cycle
  • Alarm signalling: acoustic and LED
  • Automatic scan cycle duration: 10 secs
  • Alarm period: adjustable 1-40 mins
  • Last alarm information: max. 99 hrs 59 mins
  • Time information about alarm channel activity sum, last signal appearance max. 45 days
  • ID codes against unauthorised use: 65536
  • Fine-tuning: +/- 1 multifrequency channel
  • Frequency measurement: 34-3600 MHz, resolution 0.1 MHz
  • Front panel volume control for earphone and internal loudspeaker
  • Power: 9V internal ACCU or 6F22 battery
  • Battery low indicator: below 7V, automatic off below 6,5V
  • Current consumption: SCAN cca. 30mA, OFF below 0,7μ
  • Cross polarity protection
  • Built-in telescopic antenna
  • External power: 12 – 25V DC, after power drop out automatic re-start
  • Size: 136x49x137mm
  • Weight (inc. battery): 620gm
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